Diocese-Wide Webinars Available

Diocese-Wide Webinars Available

As the team continues to reach out to Diocese throughout the US, we often hold webinars to educate the individual parishes on what Faith Enroll can do.

Each webinar includes a basic demo of the system, how the front-facing site works, the registration process for parents, and how the administrative side works with setting up classes, assigning students and teachers, creating wait lists, and more. But most importantly, we show how the payment processing piece works, which is generally the biggest time-savings of all. Church administrators don't have to chase down payments. Everything is collected and processed right on the site and the money is deposited into the Church's bank account. 

We also take questions right on the spot to ensure we're reviewing everyone's pain points. 

And now, we also review how to create the Spanish version of the site, if needed.

If you would like to schedule a webinar, please reach out to Dave Gambino at dgambino@engagesoftware.com or Submit the Request More Info form (link to form page)

Your Faith Enroll service is customized to match your program’s unique needs.