Faith Enroll Product Updates

Faith Enroll Product Updates

Faith Enroll, along with Engage's other SaaS products - Engage AMS and Engage Sports, continually receive product updates. 

Release 8.3.2 ~ October 17th, 2023

A user on our Faith Enroll system reported an issue on 10/12 with the Broadcast communication tool for texting and emailing where they could see Broadcast, but nothing happened when they tried to open it. Upon further testing, we discovered this affected Engage Sports and Engage AMS. This release fixes the issue.


Release 8.3.1 ~ October 6th, 2023

Issues Resolved

  • Faith Enroll only 

    • Resolved issue with registration report not sorting by Name

    • Corrected Class Roster report to display the teacher assigned to the class

    • Fixed repetitive display of student names on the class roster report

    • Fixed donation report not showing data

  • Engage Sports

    • Corrected bug when editing a team, the system would prefill with the Owner field with the Coach

    • Corrected bug when sending broadcast messages, teams selection would be blank if the latest season had no team registrations

  • All Products

    • Fixed issue during checkout where the same error message displayed under every required field regardless of whether or not the field had information filled in

    • Fixed issue where incorrect data was pulled in for the Coach on Sports and the Teacher on Faith Enroll

    • Resolved bug where customers with Stax payment processing and customers with installment payments did not have their recent installments recorded in the dashboard

    • Corrected bug when getting installment data from Stax, the response could not be deserialized

Release 8.3.0 ~ September 8th, 2023

New Features

  1. Created a new report for Faith Enroll to display a class roster with more than just the student information. It now includes the parent's information as well

  2. Added the ability for the student roster/class roster report to be viewed from the teacher's profile page (optional)

Issues Resolved

  1. Fixed bug where the Transfer module appears broken as soon as it is placed on the page

  2. Fixed bug where filled-in data was not saving if the form was submitted with a required field missing

  3. Fixed issue where teachers could see all classes when they were only supposed to see their own class within the Broadcast communication tool

  4. Fixed the event setup wizard to include the gender selection option

  5. Fixed issue when the user inputs an error on account creation, the error messaging was highlighting every field and displaying the same error message under every field


  1. Updated the custom form editors to remove fields no longer used

  2. Added ability within the Broadcast tool for admins to cc their own email addresses

  3. Removed links at the bottom of the printed receipt

  4. Updated validations to ensure that if an event is setup as the Invited Player Registers, then the even must also have Allow Player Registration checked and have a registration page designated

  5. Updated pricing display for dynamic pricing based on roster size to include the price range based on 1 player all the way up to the max roster size

  6. Updated the Faith Enroll Event Grouping report to better summarize the number signed up


Release 8.2.0 ~ August 25, 2023

New Feature

  1. Dynamic pricing based on roster/classroom size is now available. Pricing can be configured as follows:

    1. Coach/Teacher pays the fee while creating their team/class and the fee is based on the participant price multiplied by the number of participants (players/students).

      1. Example: The participant price is $10 and the team/class has 25 players/students.  Therefore the Teacher/Coach pays a fee of $10 x 25 = $250


  1. The player/student pays the fee based on the team/class price divided by the number of students/players.

    1. Example: The team/class price is $1000 and the Coach/Teacher registers & creates the team/classroom and sets their roster at 20 students/players.  Their fee for creating the team/classroom is $0.00.  Then when a student/players registers, they would pay $50.  The $1000 team/class fee divided by the roster of 20 = $50.


Issues Resolved

  1. Fixed display of registration progress steps

  2. Fixed issue with duplicate charges when registering with a cell phone


  1. Fixed issue where for event registration, the Register Now button was not prompting the user to login before beginning their event registration.

  2. Fixed bug where the question/options next to radio buttons on a custom form were not showing

  3. Fixed bug where the download file button was not working regarding documents that were uploaded during registration 

  4. Fixed being unable to edit facilities.



  1. Added a reset option for registration wizard to reset all settings back to the default

  2. New and resaved facilities will now automatically get a Google Maps image

  3. Updated dependencies

  4. Improved the layout of the sessions selections

  5. Clarified terminology on the user’s profile to request a refund



July 2023 Updates

  • Added ability for all labels within the custom form builder to be editable

  • Added more functionality to support multilingual sites, specifically with the ability to translate HTML modules, module titles, and page titles.

  • New report showing the Batched transactions for customers using Stax

  • With the Stax as the payment processor, they will send over batch deposits based on a frequency the customer dictates. This report will show those deposits so that the accounting team can match them up to the bank statement.

  • Added functionality so that if a Stax installment payment fails, the system will automatically retry it a set number of times
    Previously, if an installment payment was unable to be processed, nothing happened. An administration would have to manually try to re-run it. Now, the system will automatically try to rerun it until it succeeds.

  • Customizable form for the Participant in addition to the Account Holder
    Example is a parent registering a child and needs to provide different information for the child than what would be asked during a parent/account creation form

  • Improved layout with credit card input box

  • Created consistencies with phone number formatting

  • Added horizontal scrollbars Dashboard grids

  • Allowed for editing of sub-organizations

  • Improved layout of input error messages on mobile

  • Changed functionality so that while event registrations can be removed from the users’ cart, price adjustments and Work Duty Buyouts cannot be

  • Updated styles and colors for alerts

  • Updated layout for the Sessions step of the registration process

  • Updated style of the radio buttons on Participant and Registration forms

  • Updated display for the steps during the registration process

  • Made it more clear when a field is required

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